Services provided include psychotherapy as well as medication management.  To determine the best treatment modalitie(s), a thorough and comprehensive psychiatric evaluation is completed.  This is followed by a detailed discussion of treatment options.

Medication management

  • Education on the problem or problems being treated.
  • Education on non-medication supports or treatments; this includes a thorough review of all treatment options.
  • Therapy and medication management.
  • Support that includes telephone availability for crises and routine questions.
  • Ongoing support and education on other aspects of the treatment including coping strategies, community resources, questions regarding the medications, etc.
  • Lab work and any other medical follow up as indicated.
  • Contact with the individual’s primary care physician, therapist, or other pertinent providers.
  • Follow up that depends on how the individual is doing, generally every 4 to 12 weeks.


  • I have been trained in several different kinds of psychotherapy including cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, interpersonal therapy, play therapy for children, and supportive therapy.
  • My therapy recommendations are based on each individual’s (and/or familiy’s) problems and goals.
  • Psychotherapy can be brief (several weeks) or long-term.  Usually people are seen weekly for psychotherapy but this also depends on the person’s unique needs and goals.

“Team” Approach

  • I work with schools when appropriate to help in assessment and treatment for child clients.
  • I work with psychologists and other therapists when they are involved; I handle the mediations.
  • I work with primary care (PCP) and other physicians as indicated.  Often, once a person is stable, his or her care can be transferred to the  PCP.   I am available for questions or if further treatment is needed.
  • I work with any other parties that may be involved in a person’s treatment.
  • For my child clients, parents are always involved in the treatment in education, support, and separate meetings when needed.