Coronavirus Information

Greetings, and I hope you are taking measures to stay safe and healthy.

Until further notice, all meetings in my practice will be held via phone or tele-psychiatry (I am setting up an encrypted Zoom account). I will also use Skype and FaceTime as needed.

This is a time to take good care of yourselves as we deal with the unknown. This is unprecedented and scary.

I am impressed with the collective efforts that have happened this week to slow the spread of the virus. I have seen many instances already of people being selfless and starting to look out for each other more. I see a silver lining in this in that we are slowing life down, taking perspective and understanding the importance of self care and of the friends and family in our lives.

One of my professional organizations, the American Psychiatric Association, has set up information pages for helping families navigate these times.

To reach these resources, go to Scroll down about five categories to “Resources for Families”. There are a few different links that provide updated information that range from keeping you educated on the virus and the illness it causes to giving you ideas of how to manage boredom and stress. You will find helpful information in these resources; it is important to have regular communication and education on what is happening.

At this point, I will still be going to my office during my usual hours. Kelly and I will be available as before.

We wish you all the best and the optimistic view of this is that we will see the amazing things that can be accomplished as we work together for a common cause.

I sincerely hope this ordeal will help to unify us in a time of such toxic polarization. I certainly look forward to seeing you all again face to face!

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