Moving Forward

What a last couple of months we have all had!   No need to talk about that; we are all in the same boat on what is going on.

The bottom line is that things are opening again.  This is the inevitable conclusion to isolation because human beings are not wired to isolate.

For the benefit of our physical and mental health, it makes perfect sense that we need to move forward.

I believe in the harm reduction model to help with this process.  There is a great article that my sister-in -law sent about this.  It can be referenced at:

This is a roadmap for us to adapt and evolve.

Some people are too scared to leave their houses and feel that not enough has been done for safety.

Others feel that this whole response has gone overboard and has hurt more than helped in our response to the pandemic.

There is a middle ground and that is found in the harm reduction model.  Science, which is real, is catching up.  We are learning how this novel virus is spread and how to slow it down.  Slowing it down buys science time for working on testing, treating symptoms, and developing vaccines.  It keeps hospital beds open for those that need them.

Our physical and mental health depends on having connections.  Staying isolated and distant will start to cause even more harm in all aspects of life.  We need to find a way to move forward but we should also do that thoughtfully to avoid another spike in infections.

Harm reduction shows that if we wear masks, we continue not to queue in large groups, especially indoors, that we stay several feet apart, that we don’t touch our faces, and that we consistently wash our hands appropriately, we will be safer.  It shows that we will slow the spread, starve the virus, and kill it.

Some of us do not believe in science.  I do not judge that, and I do not profess to say that you are wrong, and I am right.  I would urge all of us, however, to look at places around the world that follow scientific recommendations; they are doing the best at this point in terms of containing this awful pandemic.   Ultimately, this leads to a faster opening of the economy and overall recovery.

In this office, we are currently working on a policy and procedure that will follow CDC recommendations to safely allow patient visits.  We are making good progress as we learn more about how to use the harm reduction model.

I will update you as we get closer to opening.  As we do this, let’s show the rest of the world that this is a great country and that we are leaders in progressive thinking and that most of us actually do care about science and humanity.

We cannot wait to see you in person again!

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