The mission of  Denver Psychiatry is to build a trusting and respectful relationship with all clients.  This relationship serves as the foundation for successful treatment and recovery.  To do this, it is imperative to understand an individual’s goals for treatment as he or she defines them and then help to guide him or her on that path.  I believe in the importance of involving support systems in an individual’s treatment when appropriate. These include, among others, family, friends, significant others, and community resources.  I help people build, or in some cases, repair those systems. I believe in a flexible and creative approach to each case, regularly reassessing an individual’s goals and making changes as needed.  I also believe in alternative treatments and maintain an open mind about integrating those modalities into my work with individuals.

The services I provide include psychotherapy as well as medication management.  To determine whether or not medication treatment is indicated, I conduct a comprehensive assessment of target symptoms and provide detailed education on the benefits and risks of medication so that an individual or a child and his/her parents can determine whether or not that is an option they wish to pursue.

By the way, people always want to know what a D.O. is.  A D.O. is a Doctor of Osteopathic medicine.  For details on what that means, see the section titled “Dr. Steve’s Bio”.