There are absolutely no words right now that can help diminsh the horror and pain we are experiencing from today’s shooting.  I do want to offer a resource provided by my professional association, The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Society.

I am attaching a link to their page:  http://www.aacap.org/cs/DisasterTrauma.ResourceCenter. I hope that you will find information that is helpful in dealing with this tragedy for both yourself and your children.

As time goes by, if needed, call me or another trusted professional for help in dealing with the horrific events of today, not to mention other very recent violent mass shootings.   I am concerned that today’s shooting will hit the hardest considering the senselessness and brutality of the crime and the age of most of the victims.

In the meantime, it is important to keep focused on self-care in the form of exercise, being with friends or loved ones, and avoiding too much exposure to the news.   It is still ok to go out and be happy and enjoy life.  It helps in healing.   Finally, hug your children extra-long today.

One thought on “12-14-2012

  1. Mike says:

    Thank you for your words….it is so hard to find anything to say, to make sense out of. We had a wonderful morning with our wonderful grandchildren and cannot begin to imagine the horror and the incredible grief that the families, the whole town must be going through.

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